The members of the Fort Lee Education Association have a great amount of PRIDE in the Public Education we provide to the youngsters of Fort Lee.  We want nothing more than to share the successes of the students of the Fort Lee Public Schools with you and we genuinely want to build community support and involvement.  The more a community knows about how good its schools are, the more likely it is to get involved and offer support.

Our PRIDE Leadership Members work very hard to involve parents and families in their children’s education through programs and events to help improve student achievement and ensure that families feel welcome and connected to our schools.


2018 — January — K-2 Book Breakfast with Anna and Elsa

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2017 — October — Annual Pumpkin Decorating and Breakfast



Pledge of
Parental Involvement
I pledge to support my child’s education to
the best of my ability. I will have high
expectations for my child to succeed in school
and in life. I will make my child’s education a
priority, and model positive actions and
attitudes. I will partner with my child’s school
to ensure I am informed and involved in all
aspects of my child’s education, and will be
an active advocate for my child’s education. I
understand that education is the key to
success, and will do everything I can to
nurture my child’s ability to learn.