We are an Association of 450+ Members

Teachers, Guidance Counselors,
Media Specialists, Child Study Team Members,
Registered Nurses, Secretaries, Custodians,
and Paraprofessionals

We work hand-in-hand, go above and beyond,
and consistently get ABOVE AVERAGE results
each and every day for every child in the Fort Lee Public Schools.

The Goals of our Association:

  • To affiliate and cooperate with the New Jersey Education Associationand the National Education Association to promote the highest standards and practices

  • To promote and protect the rights and welfare of all members

  • To represent the interests of all members in the development of effective policies

  • To assist each student in attaining his or her potential

  • To improve the organization of the association to guarantee the full and effective participation of all members

  • To promote cooperation, communication, and leadership within the Association

By being a member of the
Fort Lee Education Association,
you also are also eligible to
take advantage of being a member of
all of the Associations listed here.

Feel free to click on each of the links below.

Your Association Executive Council

Adrian Rodriguez

Vice President
Cean L. Spahn

Lorraine Bortnick

Howard Lipoff

Legislative Committee Chairpersons
Howard Lipoff
Adrian Rodriguez

Membership Chairperson
Erin Powers

PRIDE Committee
Samantha Goldstein
Rachel Ventrella

Genevieve Callahan

Your Association Representatives by Building

School #1
Lisandra Hernandez
Francesca Suh

School #4

Bianca Stennett

CST/Special Services

Sonja Timpone

School #2
Theresa Kavanaugh
Corinne West


Barbara Milone

Secretarial Staff

Marrietta Goldenschew

School #3

Gabrielle Anconetani

Matt Cohn
Justin Williams

Custodial and
Maintenance Staff
Erin Powers

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